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 Team Roles

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PostSubject: Team Roles   Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:22 pm

Team Roles
There are essentially three basic roles on a team: -an all out slayer -objective -support player.

Slayers quite simply rack up the kills and they do this in a number of ways. The slayer's main focus is killing the enemy and keeping them dead. It is the combination of the two that keeps the player going. A slayer always enjoys having an advantage over his opponents and all slayers love having a weapon advantage. A good map position gives a slayer the opportunity to dominate from areas that allow wide and long views of the central area of maps. Slayers often have their own little tricks on maps and so are more than capable of holding sections by themselves. Contrary to belief, slayers aren't always aggressive as they value their lives. They better than anyone else understand and appreciate the benefits of map control.

Objective Players
The role of an objective player is gain objective points and maintain objective time. Objective players do the "dirty" work: grabbing flags and carrying and planting the bomb. An objective player knows the optimum ways of capturing and maintaining control of the objective. They have excellent map knowledge and know which particular paths to travel depending on the situation. Objective players will change their pattern of play depending on what their team wants and what the opposing team may or may not expect. Decision making is an important aspect of objective play. Objective players in every game are faced with tens of decisions that could potentially influence the final outcome of a match. They use their judgement and past experience to succeed at these crucial points.

Support Players
Support players do everything they can to help both slayers and objective players achieve their goals. They are high pressure players and their main asset is that they are easily adaptable. Support players are dictated by what the other players on their team are focused on and will provide help wherever needed. When supporting slayers they enjoy putting the pressure on the opposing team and will often be the players with the most shots fired. They are excellent at covering objective players with their precision aim and expertly handled mid-ranged weapons. Support players have keen eyes and are both great listeners and able communicators. This allows them to be the first to react to movements made by the opposing team. A support player gives his team space which in turn gives them time to adjust to various situations. Due to their style of play, support players are frequently the first line of defence against on-coming rushes which they overcome with their clever use of grenades and advanced close-range combat.

Finding a Balance
As a team you must strike a balance between the three different roles. On a four man team, one slayer, one objective and two supporting players have proven to do well at MLG tournaments. However the top teams have players that can fill any pair of shoes. As an individual player it is important you have significant strengths in one role but remember you need to be versatile for the benefit of your team.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Roles   Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:09 pm

can i be a slayer? Its in my name =D
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Team Roles
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